We’re Teaming Up with RailsBridge to Teach Women How to Code!

Back in October, a little playful sparring over developers between HubSpot and BzzAgent resulted in HubSpot generously donating funds to Intelligent.ly help folks in Boston learn to code for free. When we launched our new series, Lock & Load: Learn to Code, we truly had no idea just how many of you are eager to add this skill to your tool chest. We received over 450 applications for 30 spots in our first session, kicking off this weekend with Aaron White, CTO of Boundless. Holy cow!

When we said we want to teach people how to code for free, we meant it. I’m totally pumped to announce today that we’re teaming up with the amazing crew of volunteers at RailsBridge Boston to help women (and a few good men) learn how to code in Ruby on Rails. Didn’t make it into the first session? Apply now to learn how to code in Ruby on Rails.

We’re accepting 30 applications for this two-day workshop with a generous group of Ruby pros who are volunteering their time to help you get your code on. Only women will be accepted to the program, but several men will be invited to join as the guests of attendees. Chill out bros—we’re lining up more sessions for you in 2013.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dharmesh Shah, Brian Halligan, David Cancel, and the teams at HubSpot, BzzAgent and RailsBridge for making this possible!