Engineering Your Ideas for Your Engineer

Everyone can come up with an idea, but not everyone can communicate one. What makes the difference between an idea that fizzles out and dies before it has even begun, and an idea that blossoms into prosperity, is engineers.

Without engineers, ideas go to waste. Learn how to communicate your ideas effectively and make them “shovel ready” for a developer with Cort Johnson of Terrible Labs in this week’s upcoming class. Next time that light bulb pops up above your head, (yes, like in the cartoons) you will be ready.

In lieu of the class, Cort sat down and answered a few questions for us:

Based on your experience, for a non-technical person, what is the hardest aspect of communicating an idea to an engineer?

CJ: The hardest part for anyone to communicate an idea is presentation. The difficulty with explaining an idea that lives in one’s head is that it’s unorganized and not thought out. Therefore when the idea is presented to an engineer, angel, VC or colleague it’s more than likely misunderstood.

What is the single most important thing to remember when working with
engineers to make your idea come to life?

CJ: To work most effectively with any engineering team, one should take the time to understand the development process. I’m not saying that one has to know how to set up a development environment or be able to explain the MVC framework, but take the time to understand how an idea is taken from conception to delivery. The more educated one is on this process, the easier it will be to tee up your product idea for an engineer to build.

Terrible Labs is known for some pretty eye-catching marketing tactics.
How do you come up with all the creative ideas?

CJ: We force feed espresso to Jeremy Weiskotten all day, he comes up with ridiculous ideas, we choose the ones that fit our company’s personality, and I go out and find a way to make them happen.

If you could be an expert in one skill by tomorrow, what would it be?

Time travel.

Interested in learning how to ready your idea for an engineer? Sign up for Cort’s class! Register here!