Hello, Intelligent.ly Community!

After a good bit of searching, a lot of friend-making, and about 20 gallons of coffee meetings, I’m thrilled to join the Intelligent.ly team. Helping scaling startups develop their managers into highly effective leaders is a challenge I’m ready to tackle!

Not knowing exactly what I was looking for made for a wildly surprising and fun job search process. When people asked what I wanted, all I could say was, “I’m not sure, but I know that it must be 1) a company that provides real value 2) a learning experience that stretches my abilities and 3) with an awesome team that’s making moves.”

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with some of our city’s finest, and interviewing with some of our best (you all know who you are). And it all led me here. Thank you. After meeting the Intelligent.ly team, I knew this exactly where I am supposed to be. Fostering this growing community of learners and game changers will be a pleasure.

I spent the last 4 years helping build a stellar culinary pathways program with a kickass team, and am proud of the organization we got off the ground. Extreme dedication, sweat, sleepless nights, fearless solicitation, and true commitment to the cause – Future Chefs taught me what it takes to turn a startup into a successful venture.

Photo: AbbieSo bring it, Intelligent.ly. Let’s make Boston’s managers the best, companies the strongest, and events the most fun!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon…