Don’t Be a Skill Hog

So, you picked up some sweet skills at an class.  Congrats.  You’re obviously uber-cool – hungry to learn and looking for new ways to win.

Blush all you want – we know it’s true.

We also know that since you’re the opposite of selfish, your natural instinct is to share your new skills with EVERYONE back at the office. But, of course you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who always knows how to do things better.

Pocket this list and you’ll be good to go.

6 Tips for Sharing New Skills
  1. Bring a Friend Next Time. Or just sign them up for the email list so they can fly solo.
  2. Look At Me. Everyone-look-at-meEven if you’d never do this in person, it’s A-OK to do it online. Make your status: “Went back to school at Took [NAME] class last night. A+” and include the class link. When people comment, that’s your cue that they want to learn more. Twitter is even better (@Intelligent_ly)!
  3. Share the Deck. Since we post all classes on SlideShare, it’s easy to share on your company’s interwebs or circulate it in an email. Just remember to specifically tell people why they should look. EX: “check out the chart on slide #7; is this something we should try in our next campaign?”
  4. Skill Break. If a few people from your team are interested (float the idea first), block off 15 mins for a bagel break.  Don’t just summarize the class. Instead, recap the 3 ideas that are most applicable for your company and suggest ways to implement.
  5. Bring Your Team. Brain BoostHelp your friends boost their brainpower and suggest that your company pick up the tab. Suggest that you company join the Employee Class Program.  You’ll be able to encourage your peers to sign up for as many classes as they want for FREE!
  6. Blog It. Creating content is an awesome way to reinforce your new skills (learn-do-teach). And creating online content is the best way to establish your credentials.  Giddyup.  Start your own blog or ask to be a guest blogger somewhere else.  It’s easier than you think.

How to Be More Productive & Get More Out of Your Day

how to be more productive

In today’s digital world, we’ve all got a million things on our to-do lists. From catching up on emails, to picking up the dry cleaning, and everything in between, the list never seems to shrink. Even with all this technology we have to make our lives easier, there’s still never enough time in a day to get everything done.

But look at Dave Balter. He’s the newly appointed Head of Global Investments, the Executive Chair of BzzAgent and Smarterer, an angel investor with Boston Seed Capital, the cofounder of, and he has time to run 10ks (it only takes him 52 minutes and 9 seconds) and be a father.

Diane Hessan, the CEO of Communispace, has been busy tripling the revenue of the company over the last four years, and sits on the boards of Tufts University, Panera Bread, Governor Deval Patrick’s Council on Innovation, the Advertising Research Foundation, Horizons for Homeless Children, and The Boston Philharmonic, just to name a few.

And then there’s Aaron White, who when he’s not working on his latest side project, is currently a VP at Venrock and the former CTO of Boundless. Aaron uses a virtual personal assistant to help crunch through his work.

No matter how many tasks we think we have, there are always little tips and tricks that can help us get more work done in a day. Sound too good to be true? Ben Rubin, cofounder of Revv, a company dedicated to helping you get more out of life will teach you how to be more productive in his class on Productivity Hacks at on Monday, July 29.

We’ve rounded up a few productivity hacks that you can immediately apply to your own life and get work done faster. Read on below.

Productivity Hack #1: Skip the to-do list and instead schedule specific times in your day to accomplish your tasks.

While to-do lists are great at mapping out the tasks you need to take care of, they never seem to get completely crossed off. To work around it, schedule specific times in your day that you’ll dedicate to tackling each project. It’s a better way to manage your time and to make sure you cross everything off that list.

Productivity Hack #2: When checking email, remember OHIO — Only Handle It Once.

This hack comes from Erin Schulte, senior editor of Fast Company. As she writes in an article on productivity hacks, When it comes to checking email, don’t put off answering them until later. If you answer it right away, it will be out of sight and out of mind, allowing you to free up more time to do other more important things later.

Productivity Hack #3: Go to bed earlier or on time.

While this may sound counter-intuitive, getting a good night’s rest is essential to keep you staying awake and focused throughout the day, and the more awake and focused you are, the more work you can crush.

Want to learn more productivity hacks to get more out of your day? Join Ben Rubin on July 29th for his class! 

Image credit: ALT1040 via Compfight

4 Boston Personalities with Awesome Personal Brands

BRAND on price labelsIn today’s day and age, we live our lives on the internet. From posting our pictures, sharing updates, and Tweeting constantly, our digital footprints are deeper and more real than ever before. Privacy concerns aside, this simple fact presents enormous opportunity and potential for telling one’s own story and creating a personal brand.

Most of us have a disjointed online identity. We all have the various social media profiles dispersed among the big three (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and other lesser known ones, but we rarely use them to their full potential. When used correctly, social media can create a very strong and unified personal brand that produces real world results.

In order to help set you along the right path, Sarah Hodges, cofounder of and Head of Marketing at Smarterer, will be teaching a class on July 22 all about personal branding. And to give a sneak peak at what you should be aiming for, we’ve rounded up four Boston personalities who already have an awesome personal brand.

Joe Chernov

personal brandJoe is the VP of Marketing at Kinvey and arguably one of the best content marketers out there. He cranks out gold, including the Boston Startup Map, The Blog Tree Infographic, and The Content Grid and has thoroughly established himself as a thought leader in that industry. Named Content Marketer of the Year in 2012, Joe contributes to publications like Mashable and the Content Marketing Institute. He has over 14,000 followers on his Twitter handle, and shares interesting things on Helicopter to Work, his personal blog, among his many other presences on the web.

Dharmesh Shah

Personal brandDharmesh Shah is the iconic cofounder and CTO of HubSpot. Dharmesh is the quiet and modest tech guy, who has a not-so-modest following. In addition to being one of the founding fathers of Inbound Marketing, he also regularly writes for his wildly successful blog OnStartups. He recently surpassed 200,000 followers on his verified Twitter account, and makes his rounds speaking at conferences and engagements.

Richard Banfield

Personal brandBanfield is the humorous and playful CEO and cofounder of Fresh Tilled Soil, a UI/UX design firm creating beautiful user interfaces, serving as the unofficial face of the company and tweeting under the company’s Twitter handle. He’s helped the firm trailblaze the burgeoning area of mobile and web design, and has led it to notoriety within the industry.

Brent Grinna

Brent Grinna is the Iowa farmboy, turned Ivy League student, turned successful startup CEO and founder of Evertrue. He’s had an article featured on and regularly tweets on his Twitter handle. He’s even starred in Evertrue’s own hilarious Reunion Crashers trailer, as Reunion Crasher #1.

What are people saying about YOU? Do you have a strong personal brand online? Learn how to make yours stand out!

How to Take Your Company’s Lean Marketing to the Next Level

There comes a point in the life of every startup where its ready to ditch the diapers and start walking on its own two feet. But although the revenue stream may be maturing, the company’s marketing efforts may not necessarily always be in tow. The tactics that worked at the beginning may not be the same ones that work later on, and it takes a great deal of execution and implementation to bring the organization to the next level.

This week, Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing at Kinvey, and Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at Backupify stopped by to share what’s worked to help them take their own companies from a startup using lean marketing to full fledged business. We gathered up some of the best tidbits from their class tweeted by students and have included them below, in addition to their slide deck. Enjoy!