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Raquel is a marketing intern with Intelligent.ly and attends school at Georgetown University.

Five Great Marketing Jobs Recent Graduates ARE Qualified For

jobs recent graduates are qualified forFinding a job is stressful. That goes without saying. But when you’re a recent grad with no experience in a “real” job, it becomes even harder. Endlessly searching for a “good” job is hard enough, but couple that with all the seemingly endless headlines and news articles citing the increasingly weak labor market, and it becomes a painful uphill battle.

But contrary to popular belief, there are jobs recent graduates are qualified for, and you don’t have to have a highly specialized biochemistry or engineering degree. Boston has tons of marketing jobs just waiting to be snatched up by eager and driven young professionals.

Community Manager

The responsibilities of a community manager range from dealing with community partnerships, locally or online, to employee communications. A community manager is a collaborative leader, and offers the opportunity to not only work with junior and senior staff but also the ability to share insights and come up with initiatives and ideas for the company. Strong problem solving, planning, attention to detail, and independent written skills are important for this job which can translate directly from many liberal arts majors such as English or History. Think you have what it takes to be one? Uber and InCrowd are both hiring Community Managers right now.

Social Media Specialist

Social media is HUGE now, and who’s more qualified to work social media than someone who grew up with it? Social media specialists provide reports on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, that Millenials these days are often very familiar with. In addition, a social media specialist gets to work with the marketing team and has the opportunity to develop their own engaging content, allowing them learn more as they transition into the marketing job field. If you’re a social media maven, check out Acronis, Awareness Networks, and HubSpot, all of whom are hiring right now.

Marketing Associate

If you love crunching data, have Excel skills, as well as verbal and written communication skills, (all of which a good school should have prepared its students with) then you’d make a great marketing associate.Marketing Associates deal with anything under the sun that’s marketing related, from data analysis, to marketing communications, and social media, among other things. They utilize their knowledge of marketing to dive right headfirst into their work to become as an important member of a company. If you think you’d make a great marketing generalist, head on over to Telkametrics, Moontoast, or NEVCA, three companies that are hiring associates right now.


Marketing is built on great content. English majors should think outside the box. Freelance blogging gigs are even available through sites like Elance and oDesk. In addition, a Copywriter at a company plays a creative and important role on the Marketing team. In this role, a recent graduate without a math or science degree can hold a critical part in a company both through marketing and through collaborative working. If you’re less of a numbers person, but have a thing for words, check out the job listings that Entercom and Aginity are currently hiring.

PR Associate

A PR Associate is another great job for an energetic and creative college graduate. PR associates get the chance to work with Marketing and Product teams, use social media to create opportunities for the company, and develop and manage information and analysis. A PR associate’s job blends skills a recent graduate has with learning and the growth of new skills, serving as a great transition into a marketing career. One Boston company currently hiring for PR Associates is Full & By.

In addition to these great options, with today’s technology, people can easily cultivate skills they need to land one of the above jobs. Anyone can create a free account with Google Analytics, and Google AdWords. Blogging tools like Tumblr and WordPress, and email service providers like Mailchimp, are also free. These sites allow people to create their own blogs, capture email addresses, communicate with visitors, and track how the site is doing without even having a job; all important skills to hone. Furthermore, an internship can be a stepping off point for getting a job. Many interns work the same skills as mentioned above while at the same time observing and learning how a company runs.

So to recent graduates: do not despair; there are plenty of great opportunities for you in the market; you just have to use your resources! Have other ideas for recent grads? Share them in the comments!

5 Boston Companies With Innovative Employee Benefits

It’s no secret that it’s hard to find talent, and it can be even harder to retain great people once they’re on board. To keep a tight grip on star employees, companies have to get creative with benefits, creating a fun and engaging work atmosphere. We’ve already seen how many are providing professional development opportunities to their teams with Intelligent.ly classes. Check out tons of other ways Boston companies are innovating in the realm of employee benefits to create amazing work environments.


Dyn-logoWhen feeling stressed, the employees at Dyn, a company offering managed DNS and email delivery, can receive free chair massages, or even take unlimited paid time off when they really need a break. The company works to promote education, fitness and health, recycling, and more with other employee benefits. Some of their most unique benefits include a fully stocked kitchen, a lounge with video games, table games like Foosball and ping pong, segways, and even two beer taps! It’s no wonder they’ve received numerous awards for their strong company culture.


carbonite-logoCarbonite, a company providing automated electronic backup and storage based in the cloud,  is another company focusing on culture and employee satisfaction. It’s been named as one of the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for three years in a row. They have a huge spread of benefits, including gym discounts and wellness plans, commuter benefits plans, stock options, and up to 20 days of paid time off. In addition to the more traditional benefits, Carbonite also offers free snacks, incentive games between employees, and an XBox gaming station with a new game every month.


HubspotlogoHubspot has been burning up the headlines lately, and was recently rated one of the best places to work for recent grads by Experience. According to their Culture Code, “Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing.” One unique aspect to their culture is they pay for any employee (on any level) to have lunch or dinner with someone they admire. They let their employees work when, where, and how they want, and they even just installed a wall of candy.


communispace_logocolor_tmoutlinesThe careers page on Communispace’s website has a simple slogan: “Beards. Trivia. Cupcakes.” The company promotes working hard with the idea that activities like team trivia and bake-offs will bond employers and drive them to continue and love their work. As a result, the associate community manager describes, “the energy is palpable” and employees are excited and committed to the company.

Constant Contact

constant-contact-logo-horiz-color-300dpiConstant Contact works to connect small businesses, associations and nonprofits with potential clients and customers. In 2012, they were recognized as the “Company of the Year” by American Business Awards. Their employee benefits include pet insurance, tuition reimbursement, stock options, and more. The company combines a competitive, innovative environment with fun events such as beer cart fridays and bashes for milestones. A tier 3 tech support specialist is quoted on their website describing, “I enjoy working at Constant Contact because we have a fun atmosphere with a focus on innovation, technology, and NERF gun fights.”

So there you have it; five great companies that are innovative in their employee benefits. What exciting benefits does your company have? Let us know in the comments!