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4 Awesome Internships In Greater Boston


In today’s world where unemployment is prevalent and employers are looking for certain skill sets that will separate prospective workers from the next, internships are becoming more and more important as the bridge between college graduates and full time salaried employees widens.  Nobody wants to take on an internship where all they do is make coffee and donut runs for their bosses like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn do in the movie “The Internship” as they work for the legendary Google.  We’ve gathered a few interesting and fun internships in Greater Boston that will far surpass the Dunkins runs for coffee and donuts.

Mobile Marketing Intern – Creativestar Solutions

Are you interested in the development of mobile applications and do you crave to learn new skills in the growing tech world?  If you have a knack for the mobile app space and you are a creative and motivated person you should check out this internship with Creativestar Solutions. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts Creativestar Solutions combines tech-expertise as well as the impact of technology on people to create speedy solutions for clients.

Marketing and Social Media Intern – SoundConnect

Are you a person who has a lot of energy and is extremely outgoing with a creative personality? If you are familiar with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and have strong communication skills you should take a look into SoundConnect. SoundConnect has three different offices, with one of them located locally in Quincy, Massachusetts. SoundConnect is a growing industry leader and enables customers to create the best connections by offering the most advanced and comprehensive conferencing options on tried and tested platforms supported by personal attention.

Marketing Intern – Unitrends

If you’re interested in marketing, want to work in a fast paced position, and have experience working with data backup and analyzing the velocity of a market funnel, you should definitely check out Unitrends based out of Burlington, Massachusetts. Unitrends has a 99% customer satisfaction rate among its United States based support team and has 20 plus years of experience in the industry.

Visual Design Intern – Run Keeper

If branding and communication design are your thing, and you’re creative, as well as experienced with Adobe Photoshop and writing HTML for emails, you’d make a great fit for RunKeeper. At RunKeeper, based out of Boston, you will collaborate with the content manager to create visuals for blog posts, email marketing campaigns and infographics for stories driven by data. RunKeeper has expanded its network of millions of users to include an exciting online health and fitness community and it has been integrated with over 30 different devices, web services and applications across a broad range of health categories.

Know of any other companies in the Boston area that are still hiring interns? Let us know in the comments!

How to Take Your Company’s Lean Marketing to the Next Level

There comes a point in the life of every startup where its ready to ditch the diapers and start walking on its own two feet. But although the revenue stream may be maturing, the company’s marketing efforts may not necessarily always be in tow. The tactics that worked at the beginning may not be the same ones that work later on, and it takes a great deal of execution and implementation to bring the organization to the next level.

This week, Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing at Kinvey, and Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at Backupify stopped by Intelligent.ly to share what’s worked to help them take their own companies from a startup using lean marketing to full fledged business. We gathered up some of the best tidbits from their class tweeted by students and have included them below, in addition to their slide deck. Enjoy!


Practical Tips for Your First Startup

Launching a startup is like walking into uncharted territory. There are so many unknowns and forces that can work against you, that it sometimes helps to have a guide to illuminate the path along the way. Aaron White, cofounder and former CTO of Boundless, helped shine a light for students in his class, Practical Tips for Your First Startup, offering many helpful tidbits of guidance. In case you missed it, we’ve gathered up a few gems that some of our students tweeted, in addition to posting Aaron’s slides below. Enjoy!

Twitter Gems

Aaron’s Slides:

5 Companies Changing Transportation in Boston

Transportation in Boston can be quite the headache. We’ve been through the decade and a half long Big Dig, face some of the nation’s worst traffic, and have to deal with an aging public transportation system. But despite all we have working against us, there is a glimmer of hope.

Bostonians weary of the T now have more options than ever on how to get from point A to B, due to a number of new services. We’ve rounded up a list of five of them, so the next time you have to get somewhere in a jam, you’ll know where to turn.


Uber LogoBased out of San Francisco, Uber, a service matching users with taxis and black cars, promises to be “everyone’s private driver.” Providing service in cities across the globe and operating off of iPhone, Android, mobile web, and SMS, Uber allows users to hitch a ride by dispatching vehicles in their vicinity, creating a quick and convenient experience. To make things even easier, fares are automatically billed to a users account, taking the need for fumbling for credit cards or cash out of the equation.


HailoFounded in London in 2011, a Hailo hail is accepted around the world every four seconds. Similar to Uber’s model, the app pairs users with a licensed taxi in as little as two taps. Currently operating in eleven cities in Europe, North America, and Asia, and available for iPhone and Android, the company has grown to earn annual revenues of over $100 million.


According to their website, “SideCar is the first ride-matching app that instantly connects people who need rides with local, vetted drivers who are available and willing to give rides.” A completely donation-based service, all the funds a user decides to transfer are entirely voluntary. The service runs totally off community drivers using their own cars, who have been prescreened for clean driving records and to make sure they have insurance. They’re currently operating in nine cities and run on Android and iPhone.


Hubway LogoLaunched in the summer of 2011 in response to Mayor Menino’s Boston Bikes program, Hubway became the city’s premier bicycle sharing program, with 600 bicycles and 60 stations located all over the city. Now in its third season, the system has grown to over 1000 bikes and more than 100 stations, with users having logged over 50,000 rides. Operating in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville, it has become the nation’s first truly regional bike sharing system.


ZipCar logoOriginally founded in Cambridge in 2000, Zipcar brought the European concept of car-sharing to North America. The company relieves urban customers of the burden of owning a car and provides an inexpensive alternative by providing transportation only when they need it. Since its launch, Zipcar has moved to over 50 cities across the continent and Europe, and was recently acquired by Avis.

Did we leave any other innovative companies changing transportation in Boston? Let us know in the comments.

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