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4 Mobile Ad Tech Companies Making Waves in Boston

Mobile-Class2If you haven’t been reading the news lately, mobile technology is the future. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, consumers spend more time on these devices than ever before. You simply can’t afford to not pay attention to this seemingly trivial fact any longer. Mobile is quickly growing into not only a legitimate marketing channel, but is also on it’s way to becoming a major one, and is your ticket to success in the future.

As the mobile sphere matures, more and more companies, from the super enterprises like Google, Apple, Facebook, et. al., all the way down to sexy new startups are driving innovation in this sector. We’ve even got a handful in Boston as well.

And lucky for you, Jennifer Lum, founder of Adelphic Mobile and noble crusader at the forefront of this new movement will stop by to teach a class at Intelligent.ly on August 19th on Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Ad Tech. She’ll share her knowledge and give you what it takes to get a leg up in this new frontier. Sign up below.

Jennifer Lum isn’t the only one in Boston making waves in the mobile space, though. We’ve rounded up a list of four mobile companies based in this city that you should make a point to pay attention to.


mobile ad tech companies

Based in Westborough, MA and founded in 2003, the company’s name means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu, a South Indian Language. Chitika operates the second largest strategically targeted ad network in the world, serving over 450 million users over 4 billion ads each month on over 300,000 sites. They’re blazing the trail in mobile ad tech, and even publish news and special reports from their independent research arm.

mobile ad tech companiesLocalytics

Raj Aggarwhal founded this company in 2009 with the mission to empower brands to create great relationships with their mobile and web app users. Since then, big name companies like eBay, Salesforce.com, Microsoft, and The New York Times have signed on to use their services, which now supports over 5000 customers and 20,000 apps. They also have a great blog, so take a look and learn more about the mobile space.

mobile ad tech companiesLocately

According to their website, Locately’s “proprietary data mining engine analyzes location data collected from opted-in mobile phones to understand what consumers are doing in the real world: where people shop, how they get to and from a given location, which stores they drive past, and much more.”

mobile ad tech companiesROAM

This company is literally defining the term “mCommerce” or mobile commerce. The whole point of having an advertisement is to drive a consumer to buy, and ROAM provides the platform for that. According to their website, “ROAM provides the only end-to-end mobile commerce platform enabling merchant-facing businesses and retailers across the globe to quickly, easily and cost-effectively deliver innovative and secure mobile point of sale solutions to their customers.”

Boston clearly has some forces to be reckoned with operating in the mobile sphere. How will your company take advantage of the impending mobile revolution?

Join us for our Community Potluck


This summer you’ve dealt with blistering heat, pouring rain, and even a rainbow or two. Now that August is upon us and the summer is almost over, let’s send it off in style with a celebration that the whole community’s invited to.

If you’ve been working your tail off all season and haven’t had much time to cook yourself a meal, we’ve got the event for you. Come network with some of Boston’s finest, while enjoying a meal and a drink. The best part? It’s FREE.

What will you bring? We’re bringing the booze – some ice cold PBRs and some of Spain’s most delectable red and white wine. You bring the bites.

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How to Be More Productive & Get More Out of Your Day

how to be more productive

In today’s digital world, we’ve all got a million things on our to-do lists. From catching up on emails, to picking up the dry cleaning, and everything in between, the list never seems to shrink. Even with all this technology we have to make our lives easier, there’s still never enough time in a day to get everything done.

But look at Dave Balter. He’s the newly appointed Head of Global Investments, the Executive Chair of BzzAgent and Smarterer, an angel investor with Boston Seed Capital, the cofounder of Intelligent.ly, and he has time to run 10ks (it only takes him 52 minutes and 9 seconds) and be a father.

Diane Hessan, the CEO of Communispace, has been busy tripling the revenue of the company over the last four years, and sits on the boards of Tufts University, Panera Bread, Governor Deval Patrick’s Council on Innovation, the Advertising Research Foundation, Horizons for Homeless Children, and The Boston Philharmonic, just to name a few.

And then there’s Aaron White, who when he’s not working on his latest side project, is currently a VP at Venrock and the former CTO of Boundless. Aaron uses a virtual personal assistant to help crunch through his work.

No matter how many tasks we think we have, there are always little tips and tricks that can help us get more work done in a day. Sound too good to be true? Ben Rubin, cofounder of Revv, a company dedicated to helping you get more out of life will teach you how to be more productive in his class on Productivity Hacks at Intelligent.ly on Monday, July 29.

We’ve rounded up a few productivity hacks that you can immediately apply to your own life and get work done faster. Read on below.

Productivity Hack #1: Skip the to-do list and instead schedule specific times in your day to accomplish your tasks.

While to-do lists are great at mapping out the tasks you need to take care of, they never seem to get completely crossed off. To work around it, schedule specific times in your day that you’ll dedicate to tackling each project. It’s a better way to manage your time and to make sure you cross everything off that list.

Productivity Hack #2: When checking email, remember OHIO — Only Handle It Once.

This hack comes from Erin Schulte, senior editor of Fast Company. As she writes in an article on productivity hacks, When it comes to checking email, don’t put off answering them until later. If you answer it right away, it will be out of sight and out of mind, allowing you to free up more time to do other more important things later.

Productivity Hack #3: Go to bed earlier or on time.

While this may sound counter-intuitive, getting a good night’s rest is essential to keep you staying awake and focused throughout the day, and the more awake and focused you are, the more work you can crush.

Want to learn more productivity hacks to get more out of your day? Join Ben Rubin on July 29th for his class! 

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4 Boston Personalities with Awesome Personal Brands

BRAND on price labelsIn today’s day and age, we live our lives on the internet. From posting our pictures, sharing updates, and Tweeting constantly, our digital footprints are deeper and more real than ever before. Privacy concerns aside, this simple fact presents enormous opportunity and potential for telling one’s own story and creating a personal brand.

Most of us have a disjointed online identity. We all have the various social media profiles dispersed among the big three (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and other lesser known ones, but we rarely use them to their full potential. When used correctly, social media can create a very strong and unified personal brand that produces real world results.

In order to help set you along the right path, Sarah Hodges, cofounder of Intelligent.ly and Head of Marketing at Smarterer, will be teaching a class on July 22 all about personal branding. And to give a sneak peak at what you should be aiming for, we’ve rounded up four Boston personalities who already have an awesome personal brand.

Joe Chernov

personal brandJoe is the VP of Marketing at Kinvey and arguably one of the best content marketers out there. He cranks out gold, including the Boston Startup Map, The Blog Tree Infographic, and The Content Grid and has thoroughly established himself as a thought leader in that industry. Named Content Marketer of the Year in 2012, Joe contributes to publications like Mashable and the Content Marketing Institute. He has over 14,000 followers on his Twitter handle, and shares interesting things on Helicopter to Work, his personal blog, among his many other presences on the web.

Dharmesh Shah

Personal brandDharmesh Shah is the iconic cofounder and CTO of HubSpot. Dharmesh is the quiet and modest tech guy, who has a not-so-modest following. In addition to being one of the founding fathers of Inbound Marketing, he also regularly writes for his wildly successful blog OnStartups. He recently surpassed 200,000 followers on his verified Twitter account, and makes his rounds speaking at conferences and engagements.

Richard Banfield

Personal brandBanfield is the humorous and playful CEO and cofounder of Fresh Tilled Soil, a UI/UX design firm creating beautiful user interfaces, serving as the unofficial face of the company and tweeting under the company’s Twitter handle. He’s helped the firm trailblaze the burgeoning area of mobile and web design, and has led it to notoriety within the industry.

Brent Grinna

Brent Grinna is the Iowa farmboy, turned Ivy League student, turned successful startup CEO and founder of Evertrue. He’s had an article featured on CNN.com and regularly tweets on his Twitter handle. He’s even starred in Evertrue’s own hilarious Reunion Crashers trailer, as Reunion Crasher #1.

What are people saying about YOU? Do you have a strong personal brand online? Learn how to make yours stand out!

Jennifer Fremont-Smith, CEO of Smarterer, on Hiring Interns

Creating a startup from scratch is not small feat. You sure can’t go it alone, but limited initial funding can cause huge headaches when looking to hire cream-of-the-crop talent. So where to turn when looking to hire a stellar team? The answer? INTERNS!

Interns, often looked at as the coffee-runners and copy-makers of offices, can serve as the foundation for a star-studded team, helping a new startup excel. More colleges and universities are incorporating internships into their requirements for graduation nowadays than ever before, producing a huge pool of qualified students, jumping at the chance to get their hands on one a coveted experiential learning opportunities. It’s truly a win-win for all.

So, where to start, and how to leverage interns to help your startup to succeed? Jennifer Fremont-Smith, cofounder of Smarterer, has the answers in her Intelligent.ly class, How to Hire an Army of Interns To Build Your Business. We spoke earlier this week to talk about her experience working with teams of interns, and what students can expect from her class. Check out our conversation below:

I.LY: You’re a repeat founder and serial entrepreneur. What challenges are you tackling now at Smarterer?

JFS: The big challenges we’re tackling every day at Smarterer tend to be around our product and our go-to-market. What’s cool is that interns get to work on all of these things. Here are the initiatives that are top of mind for everyone at Smarterer right now:

• How to build a great product that attracts and engages users, and delivers real value to customers.

• How to ensure we have great, high quality content in our system at all times, and how to leverage users to accomplish this.

• How to create massive scale

I.LY: Managing a team of interns for success can be easier said than done. How are interns helping you Smarterer progress?

JFS: I’m a huge believer in the importance of experiential learning for students. A lot of what is wrong with our higher educational system could be solved if more students gained practical experience through internships and apprenticeships. We practice what we preach by giving interns at Smarterer real world problems to solve, like how to crowd-source more great content on Smarterer, how to get the word out about our product to recruiters, and how to turn our blog into the world’s premier destination for people who care about learning practical skills and furthering their career. By working on these things they help create huge forward motion every day!

Also, and perhaps most important – having energetic, bright, and eager interns around makes everyone happy – and helping them gain practical, marketable skills reminds us all of the important work we’re doing at Smarterer by giving people a way to validate their skills and level the playing field.

I.LY: What are typical qualities you look for in interns?

JFS: When hiring interns look for three things: intelligence, great attitude, and digital skills. We don’t expect our interns to know everything – they’re still students – but we do expect them to have the intelligence to figure lots of stuff out. They don’t need tons of experience – again, being interns they are here to learn. But we absolutely require that they’re comfortable with a baseline of software tools that they’ll need to do their job, and the ability to quickly pick up new skills.  And last of all, they have to be bright, positive people ready to learn. Our very best interns are always the ones who ask the most questions – who start with the attitude of “I have no idea how to do this but I am going to ask questions and figure it out!”

I.LY: How have you successfully utilized interns in your other companies?

JFS: Other startups I’ve been involved in have used a similar approach to Smarterer in working with interns – recruit bright, passionate people, give them some gnarly challenges they can sink their teeth into, and they can do amazing things for the company – and learn a lot at the same time.

I.LY: What can students hope to learn during your class next week?

JFS: Every student who comes to the class with leave with an actionable roadmap for designing a high-impact internship program. We’ll cover our secrets for how to recruit a pipeline of candidates, an amazing process for identifying the very best candidates, how to on-board them, what kind of work to give them –  in short, everything you need to know to create an astoundingly successful internship program!

Don’t miss out! Make sure to register by clicking here! We’ll see you in class!