Don’t Be a Skill Hog

So, you picked up some sweet skills at an class.  Congrats.  You’re obviously uber-cool – hungry to learn and looking for new ways to win.

Blush all you want – we know it’s true.

We also know that since you’re the opposite of selfish, your natural instinct is to share your new skills with EVERYONE back at the office. But, of course you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who always knows how to do things better.

Pocket this list and you’ll be good to go.

6 Tips for Sharing New Skills
  1. Bring a Friend Next Time. Or just sign them up for the email list so they can fly solo.
  2. Look At Me. Everyone-look-at-meEven if you’d never do this in person, it’s A-OK to do it online. Make your status: “Went back to school at Took [NAME] class last night. A+” and include the class link. When people comment, that’s your cue that they want to learn more. Twitter is even better (@Intelligent_ly)!
  3. Share the Deck. Since we post all classes on SlideShare, it’s easy to share on your company’s interwebs or circulate it in an email. Just remember to specifically tell people why they should look. EX: “check out the chart on slide #7; is this something we should try in our next campaign?”
  4. Skill Break. If a few people from your team are interested (float the idea first), block off 15 mins for a bagel break.  Don’t just summarize the class. Instead, recap the 3 ideas that are most applicable for your company and suggest ways to implement.
  5. Bring Your Team. Brain BoostHelp your friends boost their brainpower and suggest that your company pick up the tab. Suggest that you company join the Employee Class Program.  You’ll be able to encourage your peers to sign up for as many classes as they want for FREE!
  6. Blog It. Creating content is an awesome way to reinforce your new skills (learn-do-teach). And creating online content is the best way to establish your credentials.  Giddyup.  Start your own blog or ask to be a guest blogger somewhere else.  It’s easier than you think.
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