Justine’s GIANT LIST of Email Marketing Resources

Justine Jordan - looking fineFollowing her super useful class on Email Marketing at Intelligent.ly (see deck below), Justine offered to share her GIANT LIST of Email Marketing Resources that she’s compiled during her years on the job. Use wisely. Share liberally.  Justine Jordan is Director of Marketing at Litmus, where she leads content marketing, customer education and research initiatives. She’s massively passionate about email marketing, and hates being called a spammer.

Click here to see Justine's class at Intelligent.lyEmail Marketing – getting started and building an opt-in email list:

Gems from the Litmus blog that every email marketer should read:

Justine’s top 17 go-to sources for topnotch advice (in no particular order):

  1. http://www.email-marketing-reports.com/
  2. http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/
  3. http://stylecampaign.com/blog/
  4. http://www.emaildesignreview.com/
  5. http://emailwizardry.nightjar.com.au/
  6. http://www.mediapost.com/publications/email-insider/
  7. http://www.clickz.com/category/email
  8. http://blog.wordtothewise.com/
  9. http://blog.deliverability.com/
  10. http://blog.indiemark.com/
  11. http://emailcritic.com/
  12. http://marketingland.com/library/email-marketing-news
  13. http://www.emailmarketingrules.com/
  14. http://www.alchemyworx.com/emailworx/
  15. http://blog.emailexperience.org/
  16. http://emailblog.eu/
  17. http://www.emailmonday.com/

Get inspired – email examples to spark your creativity:

Digital marketing sites that you should know (they frequently email tips too):

Email Software Providers’ frequently post great tips:  

Justine admits that the blogs of her competitors ARE worth looking at!

THANK YOU JUSTINE! We also encourage following her rants and raves at @meladorri

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