5 Boston Startups Crushing Content Marketing Strategy

If there’s one thing we love more than learning here at Intelligent.ly, it’s companies who value helping their users learn. Lucky for us, Boston is chock full of ’em. These companies put time and effort into their content strategies, not only writing for their consumers’ entertainment, but also to educate and provide thought leadership. Read a blog post from any of these companies and you’ll walk away having learned a thing  or two!


If you’re trying to build or market a mobile app, Kinvey has you covered. The company, which describes itself as a ridiculously easy cloud Backend as a Service, has a content strategy to ensure your success when launching an app. Kelly Rice, Kinvey’s marketing manager has an affinity for music videos, while VP of Marketing, Joe Chernov, just released an awesome infographic. Have you ever wondered how to go about marketing your app? They have your answer, along with answers to many other questions in their Backend as a Service Blog.

Catalyst Online

Catalyst creates innovative search strategies for its clients, and specializes in SEO, paid search, and social. In their blog, Insights To Ignite Your Mind, they highlight some of the latest trends in digital marketing and show you how to get a handle over them. Check out their most recent post, Facebook Graph Search, What It Means For Your Brand by Andrea Caruso.

Mixed Digital

There’s no shortage of articles out there that cover strategies for social media, but Mixed Digital, providing social media marketing and web analytics solutions, has a whole blog catered to it. In The Digital Life and Times, Mixed Digital provides insights into how to create a snazzy looking content strategy and advertising that engages consumers. If you’re an online marketer, give their stuff a read.


With so many metrics available out there to tell you whether or not your site is performing well, it’s hard to know where to turn for the answer. uTest, a company that provides in-the-wild testing services for mobile, web and desktop applications, has a solution. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the phases of mobile app testing or how to transition to agile development (both written by the fabulous Jamie Saine), uTest will teach you how in their Software Testing Blog.

Inside Tracker

Interested in improving your diet and finding the foods that are good for you? Inside Tracker, promising to provide a web-based, personalized path to health, wellness and performance based on scientific research, can help you out. Perrin Braun’s articles explore everything, from how alcohol affects athletic performance, to whether or not “natural” foods are better than artificial foods. If you’re looking to get healthy, give their blog, The Inside Track, a read.

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