30 students + 1 Boston programming class = 30 new web apps

What were you doing on Saturday morning? Here at Intelligent.ly, 30 ambitious coding newbies joined instructor, Aaron White, CTO of Boundless, to kick off the first day of two days of our Lock & Lode: Learn to Code programming class series. The competition was steep for a spot in the class (over 450 people applied!), and everyone who made the cut showed up bright-eyed and ready to dive into 12 hours of Python coding goodness.

Boston Programming Class

I’ll be honest—there was a bit of nail biting when I realized we had a 1:30 instructor/student ratio. But Aaron White patiently made the rounds, and more experienced students teamed up with novices helping everyone come up to speed. It was really a pretty cool thing to see!

Aaron White Programming Class

At end of the first day, someone tweeted an article, Why Coding Is and Is Not the New Literacy. Here’s the thing—many of these folks won’t go on to become developers, but having foundational programming knowledge will open up new doors to each and every one of them. Whether you’re a marketer, a product manager or a business strategist,  “speaking the language” teaches you problem-solving skills that increase your business fluency.

Huge thanks to HubSpot (Dharmesh Shah, Brian Halligan & David Cancel) and BzzAgent (Dave Balter), for generously donating the funds to make it possible for these people to learn to code for free this weekend. It was awesome to see their dedication to learning, and was so very cool to know that two killer Boston companies made it all possible. Want to learn the language of programming? Apply to Lock & Load: Learn to Code today!



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